Graduates gave up buying Expensive Suits and donated Money to Humanitarian Purposes

Instead of buying expensive suits, graduates of Traffic and Electrochemical School decided to wear black cotton T-shirts  with imitation of shirts and ties, and the money to buy suits, trousers, shirts and shoes to donate to humanitarian purposes.

Eighteen young men today completed their high school education and did one good deed.

Tarik Medic came to the idea which was accepted by his colleagues with whom he spent three years.

“Money from our suits is much more necessary to other people that it is to us, and then I recommended my idea to the class, they agreed to donate to Vanja Manojlovic.”

“We successfully collected 750 BAM, I’m so glad we managed to do it,” Medic said, adding that Vanja is cured of leukemia, and is mother of a baby.

Danijel Popovic said that all 18 friends agreed not to wear their suits, and all their friends had positive comments.

(Photo: Nezavisne Novine)


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