Government of FBiH adopted the Draft Law on Prohibition of Smoking, Fines and up to 15,000 BAM

February 17, 2017 1:15 PM

New Prices of Cigarettes in B&HThe Government of FBiH at yesterday’s session held in Mostar adopted the Draft Law on control and limited use of tobacco and other products for smoking.

“In order to protect and improve the health of the population, the law prohibits the use of all tobacco products for smoking in all enclosed public places, on public gatherings, workplaces and public transport and in private means of transportation with minors,” as said in the brief statement of the Government of the FBiH.

For the violation or non-implementation of the Law, fines are ranging from 250 BAM to 15,000 BAM.

To recall, a preliminary draft law on the control and limited use of tobacco and other products for smoking was introduced in October 2016.

The draft is based on the result of work of a multi-sectorial working group, with the assistance and consultation of the World Bank, and the project is financially supported by Switzerland.

Smoking is the most widespread disease of addiction in the FBiH, and according to research conducted in 2012 by the Institute of Public Health, almost 44 % of citizens of BiH are smokers. From the Institute was emphasized that almost 13 % of smokers in BiH are school children.

“The implementation of smoking needs to be secured by the owner of space, as well as other places where smoking is prohibited. In these areas must be set up visual information consisting of graphic sign and text that reads: ‘No smoking’, and information on sanctioning. In case that a person does not respect the ban on smoking, the owner or user of premises or places where smoking is prohibited, the person is obliged to warn, deny a service or request to leave the room. If the person does not comply, the owner or user of premises or places where smoking is prohibited shall contact the competent authority.

The Law prohibits direct or indirect advertising, sponsorship and promotion of tobacco and other products for smoking by any means. They must not be placed or visible in retail stores, except during the sale itself and exposed to the commercial purpose elsewhere.

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