The Government of Canton Sarajevo approved Funds for the purchase of Five Devices for Hemodialysis

March 28, 2017 11:15 AM

hemodyalisisAt the proposal of the Ministry of Health and the Association of dialysis and transplant patients, the Government of Canton Sarajevo (CS) approved funds in the amount of 150,000 BAM for the purchase of five devices for hemodialysis for the Clinic for Hemodialysis, Clinical Center University of Sarajevo (CCUS) on yesterday’s session.

This clinic represents the largest dialysis center in BiH, and it has 320 patients on chronic dialysis treatment, and about 90 % of them are insured in the CS.

As emphasized, the clinic was working in four shifts last year, which means that the equipment was in continuous operation for 20 hours a day. The service life of these devices is 5 years or 25,000 hours. From a total of 53 devices that are currently in operation, only 11 of them are still in a lifetime, while all the others need to be replaced.

Due to this situation, the Commission for dialysis in the Health Insurance Institute of the FBiH stated that due to worn out dialysis devices, there is a likely possibility that this could jeopardize the provision of dialysis services unless they purchase the new equipment.

Considering that the Solidarity Fund of FBiH is responsible for the procurement of consumable supplies, and transportation for dialysis, the appeal was sent to all levels of the founders of the dialysis centers to undertake adequate measures and regenerate the devices, in order to enable patients to receive these services.

The framework value of one hemodialysis device is 30.000 BAM, and the required resources in the amount of 150,000 BAM have been provided from the current reserve of Canton Sarajevo.



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