Fries produced in Srebrenica finally in Stores

April 25, 2017 8:30 AM

frizeThanks to a joint investment of businessmen from Azerbaijan and BiH, the factory for the production of French fries “Srebrenicanka” started with operation in Srebrenica.

The value of investments amounted to 4.5 million EUR, and the majority owner is the investor from Azerbaijan.

“The factory, which is based on Japanese technology of the production of frozen French fries, occupies an area of 4,300 square meters, and the design capacity, with working in two shifts, will be two tons of French fries per hour and 30 tons of French fries per day. It is expected that the annual production will be 7,500 tons of French fries, and the value of this production will be more than 7.5 million EUR, according to Mevlida Rovcanin, director of marketing and sales.

The factory employs 35 workers and around 700 subcontractors. An increase in the number of employees for another 15 is expected in the near future as well. Besides the local market, products of “Srebrenicanka” are sold on the international market as well. Currently, 70 % of production is exported abroad.

We also have to emphasize the most important part, and that is that the facility of “Srebrenicanka” has humanistic approach as well, because it allows the victims of genocide to live a life worthy of man with the help of their work on their land and to develop preconditions for economic independence, concluded Rovcanin.



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