Former Yugoslavia Embassy in Tokio is being sold, how much will BiH get?

February 22, 2019 3:00 PM

After Tito’s residential apartment on Manhattan, the Embassy and Residency of the former SFRY in Tokyo is being sold, of which Bosnia and Herzegovina will receive about 2,205,000 Euros.

As the “Evening News” reports, the agreement on the sale of the embassy and residence of the former SFRY in Tokyo to a total amount of EUR 14.7 million was signed on January 31st and the money that by succession agreement belongs to Bosnia and Herzegovina is 15 percent of the total or about 2.205.000 euros BAM.

Serbia has 39.5 percent or 5.8 million euros, and according to Tanjug, this money should be paid on the account until the beginning of May.

The property in Tokyo has 1,726 square meters and is spread over 938 square feet of land.

This apartment was empty since 1992 and it has cost about 14,000 a month to the Serbs.

The activities for the sale of three remaining buildings – the building of the UN Mission in New York, the embassy in Bern and Bonn is currently located – is continuing, and there are three active offers.

(Photo: Jutarnji List)


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