On the Formation of Government

IzetbegovicForming of government in BiH can be 15 days late, but there will not be delay of 15 months like the one after general elections in 2010, said Deputy President of Party of Democratic Action (SDA) Bakir Izebegović at a new year’s press conference in Sarajevo today.

He emphasized that cantonal boards of SDA were asked to propose a person for Bosniak vice president of the Federation of BiH and person for mandatary of the Federation Government, adding he hopes that will be discussed between January 12-15, and new assembly of the Government of the Federation of BiH should be formed by mid-February.

Asked if it is true that Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) BiH is requesting a seat in the Federation government which belongs to Serbs in order to give that seat to the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD), which is the opposition at the state level, Izetbegović said that five ministries belong to HDZ, which is more than the election results of the party.

”Democratic Front won more votes than HDZ and it has more deputies in the House of Representatives of the Federation Parliament. However, DF is requesting three or four seats in the Federation Government, whereas HDZ is requesting six, but that will be discussed. However, I find that HDZ will take five Croat seats,” emphasized Izetbegović.

Given that the media reported that SDA is unhappy with its status in Coalition “Homeland”, Izetbegović said that SDA won 80 percent, which is why it asked to have four seats out of five, in the Council of Peoples of Republika Srpska.

He assessed that Coalition “Homeland” will continue operating, announcing it will participate in the local elections in 2016.

He emphasized they will try and stop negative trends in BiH in 2015, but he announced that until the end of this four-year mandate 30.000 to 40.000 new workplaces will be open in order to fulfill a promise on 100.000 new workplaces in ten years.

He also reflected on the May floods and landslides, adding that the BiH Presidency, Armed Forces of BiH and civil protection system reacted on time to mitigate consequences of the disaster, stating that more than 2 billion euros of damages was caused to housing facilities, infrastructure and production sector.

He said that funds from the donor conference, approximately 802 million euros, are implemented through projects that the donors select so there are no precise indicators on degree of the implementation, but the results are visible.

He concluded that BiH needs stable and efficient governments that will enable economic growth, new investments and intensive employment, which will remove obstacles from the Euro-Atlantic path of BiH, saying he is certain that rich resources of BiH will be used in this mandate and that it will become a prosperous country.



(Source: Fena)

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