FM Turkovic: BH Institutions and Citizens decide on the Path to NATO

The statement of the Embassy of the Russian Federation on the NATO path of Bosnia and Herzegovina indicates a worrying change in the official policy of the Russian authorities towards Bosnia and Herzegovina, it was announced from the Cabinet of Bisera Turkovic, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of BiH.

“Until now, the official position of the Russian Federation has been to respect the independent decisions of BiH institutions when it comes to the NATO path, and now the Russian authorities are showing an open intention to limit Bosnia and Herzegovina’s sovereignty, contrary to international law,” the statement said.

The NATO path of BiH, it is further stated in the statement, is neither directed in any way against the Russian Federation, nor will the Russian Federation dictate whether BiH will join NATO.

“Our path to NATO is defined through adopted laws and decisions, and it will continue to be decided exclusively by BiH institutions and citizens.” I call on the Russian Federation to respect those decisions, “said Minister Turkovic in a statement.

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