FM Crnadak: There will be no Change in Relations between Political Forces in BiH before the General Elections

crnadakTalking about the functioning of the coalition at the state level, especially after the new turbulence on the (non) adoption of increase to the excise taxes, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of BiH Igor Crnadak said it is normal for this to happen in BiH in the middle of the mandate, but he believes that there will be no changes in relations between the political forces before the general elections that are scheduled for autumn of 2018.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of BiH Igor Crnadak said THAT BiH could get the status of candidate for accession to the European Union in early 2018 if there are no major difficulties in the process of finalization of answers to the Questionnaire of the European Commission.

He said that they will also do everything to get as few additional questions as possible, or none of them at all, and on the basis of what BiH has done so far, to obtain the status of candidate country.

One of the priorities that Minister Crnadak announced after taking the office, was the strengthening of regional cooperation, and more than two years later, he noted that a lot of things were done.

He believes that a good political environment was made with Serbia and Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro, and Albania and Slovenia and specific things were solved, such as the foreign exchange savings with Slovenia, numerous agreements were signed with most of the countries, including cooperation in terms of accession to the EU.

“We reached agreements with Macedonia and Albania when it comes to traveling only with ID cards. It is important to understand that these countries and the peoples who live there are here now and will remain always, including now when we are not in the EU and when we get the membership, and the cooperation is important for the development of these countries as well,” noted Minister Crnadak.

(Source: klix.ba)

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