Fifth International Jumps from famous Waterfall in Jajce start Today

In the city of Jajce, everything is ready for the Fifth International Jumps from famous Waterfall in Jajce.

This major sporting and tourist event will be held on August 17th, organized by the Public Institution “Agency for Cultural, Historical and Natural Heritage and Development of Tourist Potentials of the City of Jajce” and with the general sponsorship of the Municipality of Jajce.

The event grows from year to year into a significant sport and tourism event in the region, which brings together the best jumpers in a unique location. The most successful jumpers from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region announced their participation, some of them Laura Rosse from the United States.

The competition will start at 17:00 o’clock, when more than 20 jumpers will mark the peak of a very successful tourist season in the town of Jajce with the traditional Lasta jump, jumping on their head.

Entrance is free for all visitors.

At 17 meters in height, the Pliva waterfall is one of the most notable features of Jajce. This natural monument is located in the very centre of the town and has been named one of twelve most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

It is also the only waterfall in the world to create an estuary as it joins the Pliva River with the Vrbas River. Whether you are standing beneath it or looking down from above, the Pliva waterfall creates a spectacular view.

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