Federation of BiH presented the Vaccination Plan

”Vaccines will be free and voluntary for all citizens, and vaccination will be based on the principles of fairness and equality “, said Davor Pehar, director of the Public Health Institute of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, presenting the Vaccination Plan in FBiH.

He added that officials in the cantons were given plans, and made lists of people to be vaccinated. The Plan sets out the legal framework and defines the roles of all levels of government. The primary goal of the Vaccination Plan is to reduce the morbidity and transmission of Covid-19 among citizens. The Expert Advisory Body for Vaccination accepted the proposal of the priority groups for vaccination.

“These are primarily health workers and health care staff, residents of social institutions for the elderly, as well as employees who work in those institutions, then people with chronic diseases, and people employed in important public services,” said Pehar.

Operational teams will oversee the vaccination process in the field, which has been established in all institutes, and a subordination system has been established.

A meeting with representatives and operational teams of the cantonal public health institutes is scheduled for Tuesday, when the Coordination Committee will be formed and then the vaccine procedures will be agreed.

Assistant Federal Minister of Health Goran Cerkez said that the epidemiological situation is now satisfactory, and that there will be no changes in the measures.

For the first time since the Constitutional Court ruling, the FBiH Government considered the measures of the FBiH Crisis Staff and decided to extend the existing measures. All measures remain the same – said Cerkez. He added that the measures would be extended for another 14 days, starting on Sunday.

The Federal Ministry of Health has provided all the conditions for vaccination, and for this year we have 12 plus 2 million ready for vaccines, said Cerkez, adding that the hysteria over vaccines was created.

“BiH has paid all the necessary funds through the Covax mechanism” We all want the vaccine to come as soon as possible. And the World Health Organization made a review — 95 percent of the vaccines produced in the world went to 10 countries, and only five percent to other countries. We are a small country, the Federation is doing its job and it is ready to receive vaccines and start that business, and we are also ready to procure more,” said Cerkez.

He stressed that the Federation is ready to procure vaccines and to implement them. “800,000 vaccines were paid for COVAX, 400,000 were paid through the EU mechanism. These funds that we have will be enough for many more vaccines, which will be approved by the end of January, such as the Astra Zeneca vaccine, “said Cerkez.

The first contingent of vaccines ordered through the COVAX mechanism, and it is also Pfizer and Biontec vaccines. Summarizing the measures that have been taken in FBiH since the beginning of the pandemic, Cerkez pointed out that we can be satisfied with the situation.

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