Federal Prime Minister seeks the absolute Advantage of Domestic Companies


The Prime Minister of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Fadil Novalic, addressed the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zoran Tegeltija, with an initiative to amend the Decision on mandatory application of preferential treatment of the domestic, in order to stimulate the domestic economy and provide significant assistance and rescue of a large number of jobs in the newly created situation caused by the expansion Coronavirus COVID-19, according to news portal.

The aforementioned regulation refers to the application of preferential treatment for domestic products and will expire on June 1st this year.  Prime Minister Novalic also proposes to increase the preferential factor from the current five to 50 percent. He considers that the proposed percentage should apply as long as this situation persists.

“This would stimulate the domestic economy and provide significant assistance in saving a large number of jobs. In this way, the domestic economy would also receive support amounting to hundreds of millions of marks,” explains Prime Minister Novalić.

The Federal Prime Minister emphasizes that he absolutely understands the intention of reducing the percentage of preferential factor and the need of Bosnia and Herzegovina to harmonize the regulations related to public procurement with the regulations of the European Union, but nevertheless believes that the measure he proposes would reduce and undesirable consequences for the domestic economy.



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