Federal Prime Minister: None of Coal Mine Workers will lose Their Job!


Fadil Novalic, the federal prime minister, has been informed that the miners in Banovici are scared because they are told that as many as 1,500 miners will be fired.

“Obviously, there is a political game in the background in which the Federal Government does not want and will not participate. I am sorry that individuals who have made good use of the Banovici Coal Mine scare the miners, who do one of the most honest and honorable jobs. I inform all the miners that none of them will lose  job, and in support of this, as a proof of my claims, is the decision from the last session of the Federal Government on October 3rd, where we gave consent for the admission of 141 workers and instructed the Banovici Mine Administration to continue the competition procedure for admission of part-time workers who currently work part-time, of which 52 are surface exploitation workers, 50 underground exploitation workers, 21 separation workers and 18 rail transport workers,” Novalic explained.

At the end of September, the FBiH Government was briefed on the Information of the Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry on the implementation of the collective agreement for the mining industry in the Federation, with which several conclusions were adopted

Novalic added the then accepted initiative of the representative mining unions in the FBiH to extend the application of the collective agreement of October 15th, 2017, which expired on November 11th this year, until agreement is reached on the conclusions of the new one, and the Management of Public Enterprise Elektroprivreda BiH d.d. Sarajevo is tasked with speeding up the implementation of the FBiH Government Conclusion of August 22, 2019, which, together with the Management of the Business Association “Banovići” Coal Mine is forming a joint team to start and hold consultations with representatives of unions in order to prepare negotiations for the conclusion of amendments to the applicable collective agreement, News Agency Patria reports.



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