Federal Government allocates 300.000 BAM to Institute for Care of Mentally Disabled Children

At today’s session, the representatives of the House of Representatives of the FBiH Parliament adopted the initiative to plan funds in the amount of 300 thousand BAM in the budget for the rehabilitation of the Institute for the Care of Mentally Disabled Children and Youth Pazaric.

The initiative was submitted by MP Kenela Zuko (SDA party), and was supported by more than 60 MPs.

The explanation states that the inspection of the condition of the Pazarić Institution established that it is necessary to rehabilitate certain parts of the building, in order to improve the quality of the stay.

There are 334 beneficiaries in the Institute who need to be provided with professional assistance due to the developmental difficulties they have.

In November last year, Our Party (Nasa Stranka) MP Sabina Cudic showed shocking details about the treatment of residents, mostly children, in a home for the care of mentally disabled children and youth ‘’Pazaric.’’

The photos she has provided to the media clearly show children being tied to furniture and radiators. Some have hands tied behind their backs, and many of them spend most of the day and all night in such a position, so it is reported that such treatment caused physical injuries and damaged mental health.

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