Farmers in Bosnia dissatisfied, plan to block Border Crossings

The Association of Farmers of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina condemned the position of some members of the BiH Council of Ministers who voted at the session against the Proposal of Decision on special protective measures on imports of certain products originating from member states of the European Union.

The protection of domestic production, they note, should be the priority of every state institution, while the pressure from import lobbies clearly prevailed in yesterday’s vote.

“We are especially disappointed with the fact that the decision was rejected by the votes of the ministers from the Bosniak people (Bisera Turkovic, Selmo Cikotic, Sifet Podzic), who regularly present themselves in their statements as the greatest protectors of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Their vote yesterday is proof that the interests of individuals outweigh the interests of united farmers from both BiH entities,” the Association of Farmers of FBiH stated in a press release.

In the coming days, an extraordinary meeting of farmers’ associations from all over BiH will be held to decide on further steps.

“As we have already announced, if our demands are not adopted by February 25, there will be a blockade of border crossings, and we will consider protests in front of the building of the Council of Ministers,” said the Association of Farmers of FBiH.

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