Famous Bosnian Boxer opens “Sarajevo-Inn Grunewald” Restaurant in Berlin


The boxing champion Muamer Hukić known as Marco Huck is only one of the many successful athletes who recently had an opportunity to enjoy a gastronomic experience in the pleasant, homelike ambience of the “Sarajevo-Inn Grunewald” restaurant in Berlin.

This unique restaurant in Berlin, striking and alluring not only to the Bosnians in Germany, but also to the Germans and many tourists, carries the spirit of Bosnia and our traditional cuisine.

The owner Mirsad Fikić, show-business worker and businessman with a German address who organizes successful concerts for BH and regional stars in that country, recently started this business, aiming to promote B&H on a positive, gourmet way, and bring it closer to the foreigners.

”I brought a whiff of Bosnia to Germany. The smiles on the faces of guests and the commendations on the cuisine are the best indicators that I am on the right path and that the idea of a Bosnian cuisine restaurant in Berlin is a good thing. In addition to the athletes, our frequent guests are prominent German politicians, as well as my friends from the entertainment industry. A special surprise for me was the visit of the legendary Halid Bešlić, who claimed that our ćevapi resemble the best Sarajevan ones”, said Fikić.

So far, many BH national team players and athletes, as well as Germans and tourists from other countries, enjoyed what the restaurant has to offer, which includes numerous national BH specialties such as pies from under the bell, lamb meat, ćevapi, Bey’s soup, Bosnian pot, sogan dolmas, japraks, and the favorite desserts inlcuding baklava and halva, having nothing but the words of praise for the restaurant.



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