Fairy-tale Franciscan Monastery attracts Visitors from all around the World

February 12, 2018 1:15 PM

The Franciscan monastery Rama-Scit from the 15th century is placed behind the mountain massifs of Radusa, Makljen, Ljubusa and Vran, at the altitude of almost 600 meters, and it is surrounded by the accumulation of Rama Lake.

The pearl of BiH, Rama Lake, emerged as a result of the flooding of the Rama River basin back in 1968. However, that caused the immigration of population, and 3.500 people left Rama. This place is the most beautiful during the summer, but it is also great for vacation in the fall and winter period.

With the emergence of Rama Lake, the Franciscan monastery Rama-Scit became the only monastery in BiH that is located on the island and in the middle of the lake. The Guardian of this monastery, Andrija Jozic, noted that the friars have been taking care of the monastery for years, and they are still doing it today.

There are six friars in the monastery today and they are taking care of the backyard, galleries, the reception of guests, church mass and everything else that is needed in this little community.

This monastery is now converted into a 40-bed house of peace, and participants of spiritual gatherings, programs for work with traumatized persons, symposiums, conferences, inter-religious meetings and other activities are residing here.

“We have people coming on one day or more, depending on the reason of their visit. We had around 6,000 visitors last year. We are doing our best to maintain this place in order to receive an increasing number of people every year. Our visitors are mostly interested in history, they ask about some details of the monastery, and all of them are leaving satisfied and fulfilled,” stated Jozic.

The fact that makes this monastery special is its location. It is located at 600 meters above the sea level and it is surrounded by four mountains, which makes it perfect place for meditation and rest.

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