Export and Import from FBiH increasing

April 21, 2015 7:00 AM

export import increaseExport from the Federation of BiH is higher in March by 5.6% compared to February, and by 7.5% compared to February last year.

What Federation exported the most are agricultural products, minerals, goods from the field of manufacturing industry and electricity.

According to data of the Federal Institute of Statistics FBiH achieved an export in March 2015 in the total value of 525.433.000 BAM, which is for 28.071.000 or 5.6% higher compared to February 2015, i.e. for 36.875.000 or by 7.5% higher compared to March last year.“

At the same time,  the import to the Federation of BiH increased as well.

In the same month, import in the value of 908.680 BAM was achieved, which is for 105.477 BAM or by 13.1 higher compared to February 2015, i.e. for 34.305 BAM or 3.9% higher compared to March last year.

In the period January- March 2015, export grew on average every month for 6.9%, and import grew on average for 13.6%. Participation of the Federation of BiH in the total export of Bosnia and Herzegovina for March 2015 is 69.5%, and in the total import 66.1%.

Countries to which FBiH exported the most are Germany, Italy and Croatia. From these countries, BiH imported the most as well.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)


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