An Exercise: Rescuers successfully lowered down and saved an injured Man

September 9, 2017 3:00 PM

The Mountain Rescue Service of Zenica carried out a planned exercise of lowering down an injured man with a vertical transport from the 17th floor, from one of the highest buildings in Zenica.

Eight registered rescuers successfully realized the exercise, despite the rain.

The head of the Service Semir Satorovic said that this was the last of the summer exercises and that winter exercises will begin soon.

“Exercises which we’ve realized in the last few months are part of our plan and program which aims to prepare rescuers for all possibilities on the field. We realized an exercise of rescuing an injured man from a 60-meter high building using a vertical transport. It’s a very difficult exercises which requires several months of preparations,” Satorovic said.

Eight registered rescuers, MRS volunteers, members of the emergency services and the Professional Firefighting Brigade of Zenica participated.

The citizens of Zenica awarded the participants of the exercise with an applause after it was successfully conducted.




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