EU provided 36 Million Euros for Reception Centres for Migrants in Bosnia and Herzegovina


The European Union notes the decision taken by the BiH authorities to allocate two additional facilities for reception of migrants outside of the Una Sana Canton. This decision will unburden the pressure of the authorities of Bihac and USC that have been shouldering migration flow so far.

The EU’s engagement in helping find sustainable and acceptable solutions for all will continue. Significant EU funds are already available for development of these new sites. We expect this to lead to speedy closure of the Vucjak site.

Priorities of the EU financial support also include provision of the humanitarian assistance, accommodation, food, clothing, utilities, medical assistance, education, child protection services, and so on. Out of 36 million EUR of the EU assistance provided since early 2018, almost 94% has been spent on caring for the migrants, including setting up and managing five temporary reception centres (Usivak, Borici, Bira, Miral and Sedra). The remaining 6% has been used to help BiH strengthen its migration management capacities.

We expect all the authorities in the country to continue working together in good faith to find ways for burden-sharing and long-term solutions.

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