Employers will have to Pay Increased Salary to Workers who worked on May 1st

In Canton Sarajevo, during the first four months of 2019, cantonal labor inspectors carried out a total of 1,453 inspections over the implementation of the provisions of the Labor Law of FBiH.

“In accordance with the inspections carried out and the determined situation, the inspectors issued a total of 416 misdemeanor orders in the total amount of 248.902 BAM. During this period, 150 persons were registered without a contract of employment and application for compulsory insurance,”was stated to Fena by the spokeswoman of Cantonal Administration for Inspection (KUIP) KS Vildana Brdaric.

Brdaric reminded that during the state holidays on May 1stand 2nd, labor inspectors undertook an intensified inspection of larger chains, markets and caterers in Canton Sarajevo, and on the second day of holidays and in large market centers as well.

“During two-day inspections, inspectors have noted that in 48 employers, a total of 4,957 workers were working and in 463 business units during the holidays. Employers were ordered to pay salary increase for the month of May 2019, and no later than June 30, 2019,”Brdaric explained.

If they do not do so, employers and responsible persons will be punished in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Law of FBiH, which in these cases prescribes a fine of 1,000 to 3,000 BAM for legal, or from 2,000 to 5,000 BAM for responsible persons.

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