The Embassy of Germany confirmed: A New Initiative on BiH launched at the End of May

The media close to HDZ and Dragan Covic recently started the topic of German influence on the internal organization of BiH and changes to the Election Law.

Allegedly, Germany is insisting on the civic arrangement of BiH, which is the arrangement of almost all European countries. However, according to some media, representatives of Croatia rejected those ideas in conversations with Germany on several occasions.

Croatia and Germany have been discussing this issue, behind the closed doors of the EU institutions, four times in the last eight months, and a huge discussion took place every time because of BiH, during the preparation of the common position of the EU on BiH.

From the German Embassy in BiH confirmed that there is a new initiative regarding BiH in the official Berlin, but that it has nothing to do with the civic arrangement of BiH.

From the Embassy noted that Germany is determined to continue with the support of BiH on its European path.

“Germany is following BiH in its process of joining the European Union for a long time and it will continue to support it on its reform path. Germany is standing behind the EU perspective for the entire region of Western Balkans and it advocates a more intensive regional cooperation within the framework of the Berlin process.”

(Source: NV)


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