‘Elsa Day’-Lecture ‘Protection of Human Rights on the Internet’

March 5, 2014 11:00 AM

elsaA subsidiary of the world’s largest organization of law students ELSA (The European law Students’ Association’ in B&H is organizing the lecture on the topic ‘Protection of Human Rights on the Internet’, which is announced for today in Sarajevo. The lecturers will be Valentina Pellizzer, Executive Director of OWPSEE and Sonja Jovanović, Assistant Director of Human Resources, Ernst & Young Beograd doo.

ELSA Day is a day when all local groups of ELSA in all countries in Europe carry out activities on the same day under the motto ‘’all different, all together’, on some of the issues that are within the main themes. This year, the main theme is ‘Protection of Human Rights on the Internet’.

The aim of ELSA Day is to mark on one day the fight for human rights, through education and raising public awareness about the existence of certain violations of those same rights in society.

ELSA B&H said that in the challenges of technological development and digitalization, individuals can easily become victims of hackers, identity theft, online fraud and breaches of rights such as the right to privacy.

The local branch ELSA B&H in Mostar will mark ELSA Day, where a lecture will be organized on the topic ‘Freedom of Expression’. This event will be realized in cooperation with ONAuBiH.

(Source: Fena)

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