Elizabeth Pennington: Top 5 Reasons why BiH is fast becoming a Traveller’s Paradise

August 10, 2017 3:15 PM

With its vibrant blend of cultures, enchanting side streets and beautiful scenery, it’s not hard to see why BiH is fast becoming a must-visit destination for explorer’s and adventure lovers alike.

Here are my top 5 reasons why this European paradise should be top of your travel list.

The Vibrant Capital City Sarajevo

Upon arriving into Sarajevo, travellers are hit with the city’s mix of East meets West. Passing through the maze of side-streets, you’ll feel like you’ve visited Vienna, Moscow and Istanbul all within a short time frame. Within Sarajevo alone, you’ll find an ethnic and religious diversity, walking through the paved streets, you can find Synagogue’s, hear the Mosque’s call to prayer echo through the valleys, followed by the bells of the Catholic and Orthodox Churches.

The Landscapes

Travellers will find it hard to resist the sheer beauty of Mostar, the rolling hills that surround Sarajevo or the stunning waterfalls in Jajce in Northwest Bosnia. It’s a photo-lover’s dream.

The Art and Culture

From operas to ballets, art galleries, and museums to live music events, Bosnia-Herzegovina certainly has its fair share of art and culture to keep everyone entertained.

The Bosnian Hospitality

Whether it’s conversing with locals in the streets or sharing a coffee in one of the country’s many delightful cafe’s, the people of BiH will certainly go out of their way to make visitors feel relaxed and welcome.

It Doesn’t Break the Bank

Bosnia-Herzegovina is one of Europe’s cheapest countries to visit, when compared to its neighbouring Croatia. This makes dinning out, souvenir shopping or exploring all the more enjoyable!

(Photo by Elizabeth Pennington)



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