Eco Heating Plant Banja Luka should be put into Operation soon?

September 1, 2017 10:00 AM

Mayor Igor Radojicic, the President of the City Assembly Zoran Talic, with the mayors of the city departments and deputies of the city assembly, went on the construction site of the new “Eco Heating Plant Banja Luka”, which should start supplying the first quantities of energy into the heating system.

“You can see that works are taking place with the planned dynamics thanks to the great engagement of our partners from the IEE, thanks to the support of the City Administration and the Government of the RS at various stages, because all of this is followed by a lot of administrative activities, permissions, consents and contracts. We would like to thank “Elektrokrajina” and “Water System” and because of everything they need to do and for the location where we have a permission to access the construction site,” said Mayor Radojicic.

The mayor retreated again that the heating price per square meter will not be changed, and that changes will only take place with consumers who have built-in calorimeters for a fixed cost of energy supply.

The project manager for the construction of the new “Eco Heating Plant Banja Luka” Borko Torbica said that the new heating planting should start with its operation in November.

“The works are conducted according to the planned dynamics and we can confirm that we will have the first megawatts delivered from the new plant in November, including the completion of the hot water line that will connect the new plant to the existing grid,” stated Torbica.




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