Dr. Paul Laviolette, Ph.D.: “Bosnian Pyramid Complex – Signs of Technically Advanced Ice Age Civilization”

September 30, 2014 12:30 PM

pyramidsDr. Paul LaViolette spent one full week in September 2014 investigating Bosnian Pyramid complex. This distinguished scientist, who cares about scientific argument and not “reputation” has concluded: “Bosnian Pyramids are one of the biggest discovery in archaeology ever!”

PAUL A. LaVIOLETTE, PH.D, is author of Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion, Subquantum Kinetics, Earth Under Fire, Genesis of the Cosmos, Decoding the Message of the Pulsars, Galactic Superwaves and their Impact on the Earth, and is editor of A Systems View of Man. He has also published many original papers in physics, astronomy, climatology, systems theory, ancient technology and psychology.

On September 1st I flew to Sarajevo to take part in the 2014 Hidden History Tour & Conference with Dr. Sam Osmanagich (August 31st to September 6th).  I decided to go there after receiving an email from a friend who had just returned from a week long sojourn to the pyramid and tunnels.  She was ecstatic about her experience and her enthusiasm infected me.  I decided to contact the people there who were planning a week long conference and archaeological tour in Bosnia just two weeks hence.  I was fortunate in that they were able to include me at that late date to present a lecture at their conference.  I was added to the roster of speakers just before the conference began which is why my name is not listed in the above  linked brochure.

I was totally amazed by what has been discovered there and of the immense volunteer effort to further excavate this site.  As I stated at the press conference, held on the last day of the conference, I consider this to be one of the most important archaeological excavations going on at this time on our planet.  These findings will one day completely transform our ideas about prehistoric civilization.  You can view the press conference video here: http://vimeo.com/105483113.  It was shown on five stations in Bosnia to raise awareness about this important archaeological find.  I am seated at the table  second from the end on the right.  I speak at about minute 36 -43 through the video.  All views are interesting to hear.  They are all intermittently translated into Bosnian by Dr. Sam Osmanagich, the fellow wearing the hat near the center of the press table.

Dr. Osmanagich is the one who first discovered this pyramid complex in 2005.  He also heads the archaeological foundation excavating the pyramid and the nearby tunnel system.  He has written a book summarizing some of the findings of their excavation which is entitled “Pyramids Around the World and Lost Pyramids of Bosnia“.  He is quite amazing in that he has been able to orchestrate this entire excavation project, in spite of being shunned by many mainstream archaeologists and archaeological societies. This project has attracted volunteers from all over the world to help in the excavation.  Some of the team come with previous experience which makes them valuable assets.

I lectured later that day, speaking about the gigantic ice age floods that once swept through that region, how they covered the pyramid with flood deposits.  I also spoke a bit about galactic superwaves and about advanced science concepts encoded in ancient constellation lore.

Below are a few facts about the pyramid.

1)  There are about seven pyramids and tumuli that are located in relatively close proximity to one another; i.e., within a few kilometers of distance.  The largest pyramid, which has been named the “Pyramid of the Sun”, is the tallest pyramid in the world.  It has a visible height of 220 meters and engineer Senad Bahor estimates that it could even be as high as 360 meters, based on a 3D computer model constructed through analysis of satellite ground imagery.  The Bosnian “Pyramid of the Moon” comes in second place with a height of 190 meters.  By comparison, the Giza pyramid, which formerly held the record as the tallest pyramid in the world, now comes in only at third place with a height of only 146.5 meters.

2) The pyramid of the Sun is oriented with respect to true north with an error of only 12 seconds of arc!  This orientation is far more accurate than that of the Giza Pyramid which has an orientation error of about 3 minutes of arc, 15 times greater!

3) This pyramid complex is the oldest known made made structure in the world.  A radiocarbon date on organic material under one of its cement slabs indicates an age of around 33,640 calendar years before present (~29,200 C-14 years BP); see photo below.  Varved chronology records require that a correction of ~4400 years be added to the radiocarbon date to compensate for C-14 reservoir changes.)  Other radiocarbon dates back up its antiquity.  This places the pyramid’s construction in the middle of the ice age, about 8000 years after the extinction of Neanderthal man which had occurred about 40,000 C-14 years ago, or about 42,000 calendar years ago.  Another radiocarbon date was secured on organic material found above a cement layer and beneath the overlying clay deposit covering the pyramid.  This indicated a later burial date of  24,800 C-14 years, equivalent to 28,600 calendar years, which supports the earlier date for the pyramid itself.

4) The main structure of the pyramid is constructed of a cement made from a gravel conglomerate that was mined from a flood conglomerate layer that underlies the pyramid  and adjacent area.  Evidence of this excavation is the existence of a vast network of many kilometers of tunnels present in the region surrounding the pyramid.  The cement has been laboratory tested and been determined to be of artificial origin, not natural origin.  Tests have shown that it has a hardness and resistance to water penetration equal to the best cements achieved in this 21st century.  Analysis showed that its fabricators made their cement by mixing their mined conglomerate rock material with a special binder made of roasted lime and clay.  The cement was cast to form large slabs that were separated from one another by clay layers for greater structural stability.  Also the builders used an slab interleaving technique that also improves structural stability.

5) There is what is called an “access plateau” leading up the west side of the pyramid.  It has the shape of a ramp that is 420 meters long, 35 meters wide, inclined at about 20°, and paved with sandstone tiles that have apparently been cut by human hand and transported to their present location.
The pyramid is covered with ice age flood deposits which are deeper on the south side of the pyramid.  I propose that these deposits that buried the pyramid were transported by giant avalanche-like waves of glacial meltwater (what I call continental glacier waves) which came from the North, the pyramid being then located about 600 kilometers south from the southern edge of the European ice sheet.  This would explain why the deposits are much deeper on the south side since this would have been the leeward side where deposits would have more easily collected.

6) An electromagnetic energy beam issues vertically from the peak of the Pyramid of the Sun.  It usually has a diameter of about 28 feet, but varies in size and can sometimes reach  a diameter of 100 feet.  Its position is also observed to move around in a radius of about 50 feet.  It has a frequency of around 28 kilohertz, and is found to vary in intensity with its voltage amplitude ranging from 40 millivolts to 4 volts.  Its signal may even be absent for some periods.

No one knows how the beam is generated.  But it is highly unlikely to be of natural origin since most Hertzian energy sources would be expected to radiate in all directions like a radio station, not be confined to a beam.  Beam emission is found in lasers but such beams are monochromatic (single discrete frequency) and this is not.  Moreover no laser is known to lase at such a low frequency.  Another possibility is that it might be a phase conjugate beam similar to technologies developed by the military for use in microwave beam weaponry and aerospace propulsion (e.g., Project Skyvault).  But then again, this implies the existence of highly advanced technology, perhaps more advanced than what 21st century science has achieved.

A 28 kiloHertz Hertzian antenna would need to have a length of at least 2.7 kilometers!  This is far larger than the beam itself, which leads one to conclude that the beam is not generated by a Hertzian transmitter.  This EM beam is also found to be accompanied by an ultrasonic signal beam of similar frequency, one also present at low intensity in the tunnel labyrinth system adjacent to the pyramid.


Taken from: http://piramidasunca.ba/eng/latest-news/item/9519-dr-paul-laviolette-phd-bosnian-pyramid-complex-signs-of-technically-advanced-ice-age-civilization.html

Photo: nap.ba

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