Doris Pack: This Islam is a European one, Muslims aren’t a Danger for us

November 9, 2017 2:45 PM

“This Islam is a European one, these Muslims are European ones, as well as the Orthodox and Catholic people here. They have never been a danger to us and they are not a threat today,” Doris Pack, a former member of the European Parliament, said.

Are Muslims a problem for Bosnia and Herzegovina on its the road towards the EU, as is often mentioned in some other EU countries?

“I can only say that this is not a topic of discussion: whether there are 50% or 18% of Croats is irrelevant. At the beginning of the 1990s, we left Sarajevo and Bosniaks to themselves, they did not have weapons and could not defend themselves, they were under constant siege everywhere. We did not help them. We did not help the Croats either. By doing that, we opened the door for some of the Saudi mujahidin who came here, who believed in a different Islam than the people in Bosnia and Herzegovina. When I came to Sarajevo, I saw fewer scarves than in some municipality around Berlin. We have opened the door for such an Islamization. This Islam is a European one, these Muslims are European ones as well as Orthodox and Catholic people here. They were never a threat to us and they are not a threat today. These three peoples are artificially separated and it’s not the essence of Dayton. People here can live together if politicians make the an effort,” Pack said.

Is Dragan Covic good for Croats?

“They believe they are doing good for the Croats, but I am not so sure that this is really only for the benefit of the Croats and I think that we have to approach this question less nationally. The need of Croats as a constitutive peoples of this country must be preserved. I think that the proposal of the Electoral Law made by the HDZ is not entirely related to the interests of all Croats in BiH and HDZ 1990’s proposal is more representative of all Croats’ interests”, Pack says.

Pack said that the cantons should be abolished and that power transferred to the municipalities and government of the FBiH.

“I advocate abolishing the cantons and transferring their powers to the municipalities and to the Government of the FBiH, and I think we have a Dayton balance. I think there are too many levels of government in the FBiH, unlike in RS, which are often in contradiction. There are many aspects where corruption can be dealt with differently, we cannot do that from outside, this country has been democratic for a long time and the people elect their politicians. It would be in the interests of politicians that these complicated structures of the FBiH be abolished. I know they do not like me, but… Politicians here also see the problem and see that it’s difficult to hand over those positions. I understand that, it’s human. We need to shake people a little and say: Let’s get together. ”



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