Domestic Company ‘Klas’ donated 1.5 Tonne of Food for Animals in Sarajevo Zoo


Although the Sarajevo Zoo is closed to visitors at the time of the pandemic, the daily nutrition and care of the animals housed in the zoo is without difficulty, news portal reports.

The Park Management, which also includes Sarajevo Zoo, is making efforts to ensure that suppliers of food and water are delivered on time to prepare meals for animals that come from all over the world, socially responsible businesses are certainly helping longtime friends of Sarajevo Zoo, whose support was not absent even in these extraordinary circumstances.

One of those companies is the Klas Company, which donates its products to animals in this green oasis even during a pandemic. So today, Klas delivered a total of 1,500 kilograms of its products, which will be on the menu at the Sarajevo Zoo in the coming days.

Feeders who come and care for the animals at the zoo every day in the coming days will prepare delicious treats for llamas, sheep, deer, bison, Scottish cattle, eland antelopes, zebras and bran alpacas. The other 300 pounds of food are products of Klas d.d., and in addition to these animals will be served various types of poultry housed at Sarajevo Zoo.


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