Dodik: Balkan left as a potential Hotspot

Dodik Balkan Hotspot cazin.netPresident of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik said yesterday that, based on superficial observation, it is evident that the Balkan region is being kept as a permanent zone of potential hotspot and frozen conflicts, and that rigid policy is being implemented with the Serbs.

According to Sputnjik, Dodik agreed with the assessment of the Serbian Prime Minister Vučićthat it is evident how the ever-growing tensions and attempts of general destabilization of relations exist on the Balkans.

“I agree with Vučić and I share his concern and his attitude”, Dodik stated, adding that it is impossible that the spiral of sentences for the Serbs last regardless of which political authorities are on the scene in Serbia.

According to Dodik, it speaks of the maintaining of one rigid, insidious policy towards Serbia and the Serb people.

“That is evident the most on Kosovo. Regardless of the change in authority, even after several compositions, Serbia and the Serb people are still being punished in a concept which, according to them, should allegedly punish Slobodan Milošević”, said Dodik.

Dodik highlighted that they have never remained silent on how things are in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but he said it is obvious that a certain structure exists in B&H – a structure of those who want to protect the violence of international representatives from the past.

(Source: klix.ba)

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