Documents revealed: Ratko Mladic and other Generals of the VRS were on the Payroll of the Yugoslav Army

documentAs we approach the expiration of the period for revision of the lawsuit of our country against Serbia for genocide committed in BiH, there is increasing pressure on the Bosniak political corps, in order to reveal the decision on whether the lawsuit will be renewed. However, new documents revealed that Ratko Mladic, as well as other generals and soldiers of the Army of the RS (VRS), were on the payroll of the Yugoslav Army.

In late February expires the last date for the revision of the lawsuit, after the Hague tribunal ruled that Serbia was not responsible for genocide in BiH in 2007, but only for failing to prevent the genocide in Srebrenica. The lawsuit may be renewed if our country submits any new relevant evidence to the Hague Tribunal that can be used for the lawsuit against Serbia.

However, after information that a large number of generals who participated in the aggression against BiH was on the payroll of the Yugoslav Army leaked until 2001, the question arises whether that argument can be used in the eventual process of renewing the lawsuit.

General Staff of the Yugoslav Army in early 2001 decided to take off almost 1,500 members of the 30th Personnel Centre from the payroll of the Yugoslav Army, including General Ratko Mladic, Novica Talic, Momir Talic, Momir Zec, Radislav Krstic, Nikola Delic, Svetozar Andric, Dusan Kukobat, Vlado Lizdek , Dragisa Masal, Savo Sokanovic and Radivoje Tomanic.

In reaching these conclusions participated representatives of the former Ministry of Defense of the RS.

The lawsuit is mainly supported by the pro-Bosnian parties, while explicitly against are politicians from the RS, noting that such a process would complicate political relations in the region.

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(Source: S. H./Klix.ba)

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