Doctors in Republika Srpska warn on Collapse of Health System

Doctors and medical staff in several cities in the Republika Srpska entity decided to point out the importance of adhering to epidemiological measures, because hospitals are getting fuller and the health system is about to burst.

At the University Clinical Center of Republika Srpska, the operative program and the work of the ambulance were interrupted yesterday, said doctor Slavica Zeljkovic.

Zeljkovic emphasized that this means that not all patients who need regular and control examinations can go to the doctor.

“We have reached our limits. We are in a situation that, if the citizens do not support us, we will come to the point that we will not have the space and manpower to take care of patients and non-patients, “Zeljkovic emphasized.

Natasa Mijatovic, a nurse at the Kovid emergency center at the University Clinical Center, pointed out that there are no vacancies in this ward, and that patients are placed in hospital corridors, while people die in their arms.

She emphasized that health workers work without a day off and appealed to fellow citizens to have patience and respect the recommended epidemiological measures.

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