DNA Laboratory of ICMP moved from BiH to the Netherlands?

December 8, 2017 9:30 AM

The International Commission for Missing Persons (ICMP) transferred many of its key functions, including the DNA Laboratory, from BiH to the Netherlands, as confirmed from this institution.

It was noted in a written statement that the movement of the headquarters of ICMP will not jeopardize its assistance to BiH, but it will further increase the opportunities for identification that are founded on the latest DNA technology, which will continue to be performed without any costs for BiH.

“All blood and bone sample that have already been processed in ICMP will stay in BiH. All new samples that will be tested at the ICMP Global Laboratory in The Hague will be returned to BiH after being processed,” as announced by this institution.

The transfer took place in accordance with the International Agreement on the status and functions of the ICMP, and they invited BiH to sign this agreement.

“This would make BiH one of the ICMP’s conference of member states and it would join a large number of countries that are already taking part in the work of ICMP. Signing this agreement will not create any financial or other obligations for BiH,” as stated from the ICMP.

From the ICMP also added that they informed the authorities in BiH and other interested parties on all of their activities and that they have included BiH in this process.

(Source: klix.ba)



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