Disinfection Tunnel installed at Entrance of Sarajevo Centre Municipality


In order to effectively combat the pandemic of the coronavirus as well as to protect the residents and employees of this local community, Centar Municipality, led by Mayor Nedzad Ajnadzic, has procured a disinfection tunnel which was installed today.

Namely, the disinfection tunnel is fully functional when it comes to destroying harmful organisms and leaves no consequences for human health.

Namely, when entering and leaving the facility, citizens and employees first enter a disinfection tunnel that is clouded with a disinfectant and inhale the disinfectant Antivirin plus, as well as their clothing and footwear.

This project is implemented by the Sarajevo-based Grizelj company which in 2003 produced the Antivirin agent, which, on the basis of hydrogen peroxide and silver ions, effectively attacks corona group viruses.  In that year, the Federal Ministry of Health approved the release of the device.


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