Director of a Private Company in Buzim wrote off all Debts

Izet Pajalic, the director of private company I-Mibag from Buzim, decided to write off all debts of his costumers as of December 31, 2017.

A notice was displayed on the business premises at the address “Konjodor bb” in Buzim, in which was stated that “All buyers who have debts towards the company I-Mibag from December 31, 2017, are no longer indebted.”

Since this is not a usual business move in BiH, we contacted Izet Pajalic, who confirmed that he has decided to write off all the debts.

“It is true, we did it today, and I wrote off those debts to my customers. There were some people who owed us money for two or three years,” said Pajalic.

He also added that this year was very successful for his company and that he decided to write off those few thousand BAM.

Otherwise, I-Mibag is a company registered as a limited liability company for trade, export-import and transportation of goods.

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