For which Destinations in Sarajevo Tourists are mostly interested?

 Since the opening of Sarajevo Summer Market in front of the BBI Center on August 1, which is a promotional fair of authentic BH products, visitors have the opportunity to also visit the Info Center of the Municipality Centar, where they can get the current information and promotional material related to fields of economy, tourism, culture, art, investment…

“During the last 15 days, foreign citizens who are visiting Sarajevo and BiH mostly visit our stand, and they showed the largest interest in visiting Skakavac waterfall, D-B tunnel (Tunnel of Hope) and museums. When it comes to the promotional materials, they are mostly asking for material for the current Sarajevo Film Festival, as well as cards with which, besides the necessary information,they are able to achieve certain discounts on the purchase of tickets for some cultural or artistic manifestations. Foreign tourists are interested in the best gastronomic offer in the city as well,” said Ismeta Covrk who works on the stand of the Municipality Centar, which is opened from 10 AM to 10 PM.

At this stand for youth was prepared promo material and a public invitation for a self-employment program, which was announced and financed by the Municipality Centar, whose aim is the employment of young people through the launching of their own businesses. In this catalog were also presented four best solutions offered by the Austrian House, whose renovation will be financed by the Municipality Centar.

A list in which it is possible to enter the code of the offered solution that is the best according to citizens is attached to the catalog as well, and citizens can write down their suggestions as well. These records will be considered when making a decision on the final solution of the future Austrian House.

The Fair in front of the BBI Center, which is organized by the Foundation Sarajevo Navigator and the Association ZUP Bascarsija, with the support of the City of Sarajevo and the Municipality Centar Sarajevo, will be open to visitors until August 31, this year.



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