Deputy Head of the EU Delegation, DR Renzo Daviddi, Met with Director of B&H Statistics Agency, Zdenko Milinović, to Discuss the Ongoing Census Operations

europaBAThe Director of the BiH Agency for Statistics, Zdenko Milinovic, today visited the EU HQ in Sarajevo to provide the Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to BiH, Dr. Renzo Daviddi, with an update on the ongoing Census operations. The EU is supporting the Census with 12.3 million euro of financial assistance in addition to the participation of EUROSTAT in the International Monitoring Operation (IMO). The IMO monitors whether international standards are being followed in the census.

 Mr Milinovic explained that the BiH Agency for Statistics is working together with the two Entity Institutes for Statistics to ensure that the Census is conducted to international standards. He believes that the Census is well on track and meeting also the logistical challenges inherent to an operation involving over 19,000 enumerators. Mr Milinovic updated on the process of finalizing the contract for a safe storage space for Census materials which should be concluded soon.

 With regard to recent media coverage, he explained that it is in line with international Census practice for enumerators to take the questionnaires home until their work in the enumeration area is complete and the material is controlled by one of the 3000 controllers. Once controlled it is handed over to the Municipal Census Commission which stores it in a safe place in the municipality. Enumerators are bound by their contract to respect the confidentiality of the materials and Mr Milinovic underlined that they have overall shown a very professional attitude so far.

 He also explained how additional controls will be provided when, following the current phase of the Census, parts of the country will be re-enumerated and it will be verified that the two enumerations match.

Dr Daviddi said: “It is of great importance for Bosnia and Herzegovina that the Census is conducted, to allow the authorities to do proper planning. I welcome the commitment of the enumerators who are working long and tiring days, and call on the citizens to assist the enumerators to complete their task.

(Source: Press release)

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