Delegate in RS Parliament Drasko Stanivukovic gives Part of his Salary to Four Humanitarian Organizations

A delegate at the Assembly of Republika Srpska and the president of the City Committee of the Party of Democratic Progress (PDP) Banja Luka Drasko Stanivukovic, together with a delegate Adam Sukalo, donated food to the public kitchen “Friendship Mosaic” yesterday.

“We donated sixty meals and we will continue this kind of practice. Functioning of public kitchens should be solved systematically, through legal regulations, but also by stable funding from budget funds. Part of my salary I will always give to ‘Mosaic’, but also to other people who are in need,” Stanivukovic said.

Sukalo and Stanivukovic have also prepared meals, and ate with public kitchen users.

Stanivukovic will, as it is stated, give part of his salary to “Caritas”, “Merhamet” and Crveni Kriz-Red Cross humanitarian organizations.

With the proper allocation of public funds, not only the soup kitchens would be financed out of the budget, but would not even exist, since all citizens would have the opportunity to live a decent life. By abolishing the privileges of ‘white bread’ and many others, it is possible to find enormous resources for such purposes,” says Stanivukovic.


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