What was decided on the Meeting of Izetbegovic and Radoncic?

meeting Izetbegovic RadoncicMeeting of delegations of the SDA and SBB, led by party leaders Fahrudin Radoncic and Bakir Izetbegovic, was held at the headquarters of SBB in Avaz Twist Tower.

The meeting was attended by Damir Arnaut from SBB, who, at the entrance, greeted the delegation of SDA that besides Izetbegovic included Denis Zvizdic, Fadil Novalic, Amir Zukic and Sefik Dzaferovic.

After a two-hour meeting, Radoncic told reporters that they discussed all current issues and that the delegations agreed that the referendum on the Day of RS is a severe anti-Dayton activity and an unnecessary political adventure.

Radoncic also added that they discussed the development of infrastructure, the increase of employment and the way for governments at all levels to work more successfully.

Yesterday’s meeting is a kind of overture to today’s meeting of the delegations of the SDA, SBB and HDZ BiH, but Radoncic emphasized that the focus of the meeting was the relationship between SDA and SBB.

“We have not had that approach to jointly prepare for a meeting with the HDZ BiH,” said Radoncic.

Izetbegovic stated he will apply a request to the Constitutional Court for the review of constitutionality of the decision to call a referendum on the Day of RS.

“I think that the request will be accompanied by a good part of those who are entitled to appeal according to the Constitutional Court,” said Izetbegovic.

Izetbegovic said that 11 important projects have been agreed, which should be implemented in 2017. They talked about the construction of the next 100 kilometers of highway and the construction of highways that are, according to Izetbegovic, even more important.

(Source: N. N./Klix.ba)

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