When is the Deadline to sent Replies to the EC Questionnaire?

At today’s session, the BiH Council of Ministers took note of the Information of the Directorate for European Integrations regarding the status and dynamic of replying to the European Commission’s Questionnaire, which will continuously be considered at sessions of the CoM.

The CoM, in accordance with its jurisdiction, obligated the working groups to speed up activities regarding technical finalization of the reply so that it would be done by September 1st, according to a press release after the session.

According to the Information, the Republika Srpska entered all replies for all chapters in the informational system by the beginning of July and 25 meetings of the working groups were held in parallel. Nearly all remaining working groups scheduled meetings and meetings of three more working groups are expected to be scheduled.

The working groups which already held meetings are finalizing the technicalities of the replies.


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