Croatian Border Police denies using Force on 18 Injured Migrants found on BiH’s Territory

All 18 migrants injured during clashes with the Border Police of the Republic of Croatia were released from the Health Center in Velika Kladusa on Wednesday afternoon, was confirmed for Klix.ba news portal.

According to the director of the Health Center, Evresa Okanovic, all migrants suffered minor injuries.

“They were released after medical assistance and went to the Miral reception center,” Okanovic explained.

Although the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Croatia yesterday denied that their officers used force against migrants they found during the illegal crossing from the territory of BiH, official health data say the exact opposite.

“According to the information gathered so far, police officers did not use any means of coercion against persons caught trying to cross the state border illegally, nor did they show any injuries or ask for medical help, nor did they report the alleged injuries to the BiH Border Police during the mutual contact,” was stated in the press release by Croatian Border Police.

On the other hand, the competent institutions, the BiH Border Police and the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, which are investigating, remain silent on allegations that Croatian police entered BiH territory forcibly returning migrants.

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