Council of Ministers to immediately start taking Necessary Steps to move the Country Forward


“With the new Council of Ministers finally formed, the Office of High Representative expects that it will immediately start taking necessary steps to move the country forward in line with its commitments and proclaimed policy goals,” was written in OHR press release.

Full respect for and continued implementation of the GFAP, a focused and accelerated path of reforms, including the advancement of the economy, the rule of law, human rights and the fight against corruption, is what BiH needs and the BiH Council of Ministers is expected to deliver. Besides these priorities, the expectations of BiH citizens are also in the direction that the time lost over the past fifteen months has to be made up for.

The adoption of a sufficiently large 2020 budget at a level allowing the BiH institutions to meet their constitutional and legal obligations would be a key instrument of the BiH Council of Ministers to that end.


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