Corridor 5-C has to be finished by 2020

December 13, 2012 10:07 AM

The possibility of accelerating the construction of the corridor 5-C, drafting the transport strategy of B&H as well as taking control over B&H air line from BHANSA were the themes on the meeting of minister of communication and transport B&H, Damir Hadžić and the Head of the Delegation of EU to B&H and the Special Representative of EU, the Ambassador Peter Sorensen.

Minister Hadžić believes that the EU will support the efforts of Ministries and other authorities of B&H institutions, so that construction of the corridor can be accelerated.

“We believe that corridor 5-C will be built by the set deadline. Our collaboration with the European road infrastructure will confirm the improvement and worth of our country, not only for the European Union but also for the other countries. Currently we have 27 kilometers of the high way under construction, and starting with 2013, we plan to build another 52 kilometers. Corridor 5-C has to be finished by 2020”- said Minister Hadžić

Ambassador Sorensen will organize a meeting of the representatives of B&H institutions that are included in the construction of the corridor 5-C. This meeting will be organized to express the Ambassador’s support as well as to form the coordination body for the construction of the corridor 5-C.

During this meeting, they also talked about the foundation of BHANSA, ATM strategy, and about B&H flight controller trainings in Belgrade. Minister Hadžić emphasized that all activities in the matters of taking control over B&H air line are going by plan.

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