Construction of Bus Station worth 590,000 BAM to start soon

After four years of intensive preparation and two years of providing the necessary funds and carrying out the procedure, a contract for the construction of the bus station in Vogosca was signed today in Vogosca Municipality.

The contract was signed between the municipality of Vogosca, represented by the mayor Edin Smajic and the contractor of the company Termo Beton d.o.o. from Breza, represented by Deputy Director Ahmed Turbo.

The value of this project is 591.134,07 BAM, of which the Sarajevo Canton Ministry of Transport provided 450.000 BAM, and the rest by the Municipality of Vogosca.

Mayor Smajic recalled that this project has been included in the development plans for several decades, but that, thanks to the coordinated activities of the Municipality of Vogosca and the Sarajevo Canton in recent years, conditions have been created to realize this project and the works will be finalized in 90 working days.

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