Complete Service of Eternal Fire after Vandals demolished it

The Eternal Fire, a monument to all the victims of the Second World War and one of the symbols of the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was again targeted by vandals.

Namely, on Saturday, the flames of the Eternal Fire were violently temporarily extinguished, the Public Relations Department of the City of Sarajevo stated.

Teo Grizelj, director of the company ITG Sarajevo and an authorized service technician who takes care of the maintenance of the Eternal Fire, explained that the extinguishing of the flame was caused by plastic that was intentionally placed so as to cause clogging.

”Today, we will perform a complete servicing of the Eternal Fire in order to remove the remnants of plastic around the nozzles, so that the flame burns unhindered. The whole process should be completed within an hour,” said Grizelj.

The eternal fire was set on April 6, 1946, when the first anniversary of the liberation of Sarajevo was celebrated. This monument is the work of architect Juraj Neidhardt and is placed on the front of the building located at the intersection of Mula Mustafa Baseskije, Titova and Ferhadija streets.

(Photo: furaj.ba)

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