Committee was formed in Srebrenica to solve the Problem of praising Chetniks at Schools


The Srebrenica Municipal Assembly has decided to form a 10-member commission tasked with drafting a report and proposing solutions to the situation after posting a photo of First Elementary School pupils celebrating Chetniks in school premises, Klix.ba news portal reports.

A photo of a group of children from Srebrenica with three fingers raised, with flag of Serbia and the inscription “Chetnik brothers”, was posted on the profile of one of the children, which provoked an avalanche of comments and protests by Bosniak parents.

A heated discussion on the subject was prevalent at the session today, prompting a pause on several occasions.

The councilors condemned all forms of hatred and intolerance, and, as the conclusion stated, especially in educational institutions.

The commission is made up of the mayor and three other members of the municipal leadership, two councilors, the school director, the president of the School Board and representatives of parents of Serb and Bosniak children.

Earlier, Srebrenica Mayor Mladen Grujicic told Klix.ba news portal that he sees nothing controversial or disturbing in a photo posted by a group of children on Instagram, in Serbian folk costume, with the inscription “The Chetnik Brothers”.



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