Colpa warns that Bosnia may remain in some sort of COVID-19 Ghetto

Member of the House of Representatives of Parliament of Federation Bosnia and Herzegovina Nihad Colpa believes that Bosnia and Herzegovina has lost pace with time regarding vaccination against coronavirus.

“And while the countries we border have started immunizing the population, the citizens of BiH are doomed to wait. I am afraid that we will not see the vaccine for a long time, and if we see it, it will probably be some gift from friendly countries and in very small quantities, which will not help us bring the virus under control even in 2021,” warns Colpa.

Colpa also warns that BiH may remain in some sort of COVID-19 ghetto.

“Or to simplify, the visa regime will come back, because some countries and carriers have announced that a vaccination certificate will be needed for transportation and entry into the countries,” Colpa points out.

According to Colpa, the incompetence of the current government is best reflected in the fact that Bosnia and Herzegovina is becoming a collection center for migrants and unvaccinated persons.

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