The City of Sarajevo donates 100,000 BAM to the Historical Museum of BiH

The City of Sarajevo donated 100,000 BAM to the Historical Museum of BiH for the renovation of a part of the facade, and these funds should be spent in the spring, at the beginning of the construction season.

“The Historical Museum is one of the most important buildings. We allocated the money for the beginning of renovation of this building, which is an architectural wonder in Sarajevo. We want this museum to be fully operational,” said Mayor of Sarajevo, Abdulah Skaka.

He also stated that this is the beginning of a good practice that the City of Sarajevo will be implementing in the future.

Director of the Historical Museum of BiH, Elma Hasimbegovic, further emphasized that the funds are a concrete act of cooperation between the City of Sarajevo and that cultural institution.


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