Citizens of Sarajevo Sent Demands to Government

February 8, 2014 4:15 PM

PROTESTI U SARAJEVUA letter arrived to Radio Sarajevo portal titled ‘on behalf of the citizens from the streets of Sarajevo’, where they are asking for the ‘unconditional and immediate resignation of the government of Canton Sarajevo and the FB&H government, and the formation of nonparty government, followed by not taking any measures in order to limit peaceful citizen demonstrations, to immediately release protestors, to not launch criminal proceedings and to stop the hunt on people. When these demands are met, we can enter into discussions and activities at all levels of government with the aim to establish a more just social order for all categories of society: workers, nominally employed people, unemployed, those employed on the black market, retirees, youth, groups and individuals in need, employees in the health and education sector and everyone else whose human dignity and physical existence is threatened or destroyed through robbery, corruption, nepotism, privatization of public goods, economic models that favor the rich and financial arrangements that were killed and the very hope of social justice and prosperity’’, read the notice that was sent by ‘uprising for all of us’’.


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