Children attending BH Supplementary School in the UK received Testimonies


In the very comfortable atmosphere at Sidney Stringer Academy, students from the Coventry Bosnia and Herzegovina Secondary School were given testimonies on the end of the school year.

This BiH supplementary school is the pillar of the BiH Association from this city and the place that brings together our people the most in this part of England.

Immediately after the testimonies were shared, teacher Senadin Selimic and teacher Arnela Pasic held a parent meeting to discuss future work with the children.

The new school year has officially started working at the same place and with the same teaching staff.

Some new students will also attend, and this year nearly 30 students are enrolled.

They warmly welcomed and wished good luck to two new students who would be coming to class even from Oxford.  Each student received with testimony and a gift from BH. associations from Coventry, according to BH UK Network. However, the teachers were not forgotten and were given a small gift for their selfless and successful work with children.

It is important to emphasize that the support of the community, which is very important, could be noticed on this occasion.  The teachers thanked all parents for their cooperation throughout the school year and all those who volunteered to improve and assist the work of the school.


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