The Chairman of the Presidency comments Day of RS

mladen ivanicSpeaking on the News on TV1, the Chairman of the Presidency, Mladen Ivanic, said that he does not see anything objectionable in the performance of a member of the armed forces on the streets of Banja Luka on January 9th to mark the Day of RS.

Moreover, the Chairman claims that everything that happened during the 9th January was in accordance with the Constitution and law. Late, he offered his arguments

“Currently, there is a specific law in the RS that regulates what happens on the 9th January. The previous law was put out of force by the Constitutional Court of BiH and the authorities of the RS have implemented that decision by making a new law. For everyone who thinks that the new law is not in accordance with the Constitution, can take a look at the procedure which is known. That procedure involves an appeal to the Constitutional Court of BiH, after which the Constitutional Court evaluates the character of the law and concludes whether it is in accordance with the Constitution or not” adds Ivanic.

The law to which Ivanic calls is adopted by the Parliament of RS at the end of October 2016. However, Ivanic hides the fact that in the “Official Gazette of the Republika Srpska” this law has not yet been published. On the other side, there is a fact that the publication in the Official Gazette is necessary for the Law to came into force.

Without this publication, the law is not legally binding.

Therefore, one should ask the real question to the Chairman Ivanic. On what basis was his stay as well as the stay of Third Infantry Regiment of AF BiH in Banja Luka the 9th January based?

(Source: vijesti.ba/ photo independent balkans news agency)


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