Chairman of BH Presidency Milorad Dodik sends Letter of Support to Jusuf Nurkic

Chairman of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH’s) Milorad Dodik has sent a letter of support to the injured Bosnian basketball player Jusuf Nurkic, saying that he was negatively surprised by the news of a serious injury.

“I was unpleasantly surprised by the news of the serious injury you experienced at the end of the match, where you, as well as earlier, provided a great game. As a basketball fan, I also want your fans to give you the sincere words of support and I appreciate your game and I have been delighted with your brilliant performances for Portland in the world’s leading basketball league where the best ones play, including you, “Dodik said

Dodik added that all expect from Nurkic to be back in matches and to play brilliant games.

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